An Introduction To Dingle

Dingle, located in the southeast part of Ireland is one of the most charming and picturesque towns. Dingle has a unique Irish feel, with Irish culture and language set against the backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty on a peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean.

The beauty of the Dingle Peninsula is so stunning that National Geographic Traveler called it "the most beautiful spot on Earth". Check out the dingle way via to look for the best-guided tours of Ireland.

Old Irish Town The Dingle Peninsula in the Summer Photograph by Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

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Recently, Dingle has been the subject of much controversy over its name. 2005 saw much controversy over Dingle's name.

The Irish Minister for Gaeltacht announced in 2005 that English translations of Irish places will be replaced with the original Irish name. A Daingean was given the name Dingle in 2005 to reflect this move towards Irish names.

This was the case in all other parts of the country. However, Dingle, which relies heavily on tourism for its major economic activity, resisted the name change.

Tourists would not recognize An Daingean, it was feared. Daingean, a nearby town in County Offaly, also had a similar name. After a vote, it was decided that the town would be called Dingle/Daingean Ui Chris in October 2006.

Dingle is home to many bars and restaurants. You can spend hours walking around the town, taking in the bustling activity. Many pubs offer traditional Irish music every night and are equipped with traditional Irish food and drinks.