Anti Floor Treatment: The Best Way To Get A Better Grip

The floor is something that must be planned carefully. The type of floor planned must be resistant to slip. The floor in the wet area is part of the main concern for many people.

There may be several floors that need care for their slippery conditions. So, taking anti slip treatment is the best way to avoid accidents, obstacles or problems because of their use. So why should we use this treatment correctly?

This is the reason:

1. Reducing the risk of injury caused by slips and falling disasters at work and at home

2. Improve the security of the work environment

3. The guarantee period will be taken seriously and maintenance will be instructed and given in a manual form that you do not need to pay a certain amount of money

4. There will be minimal or nil disorders to your workplace or your home while taking care

5. Very suitable for ceramics, unglazed, concrete, terrazzo, linoleum, marble, thermoplastics, slate, and many other forms of floor

6. The friction coefficient is safer regardless of dry or wet weather conditions

7. They are non-toxic, anti-culture media, and also the non-acidic basis

8. Quickly to register and use after the application

9. It is suitable for interior and exterior floor needs

The anti-skid coating can be given to the existing slippery floor or to those who need a new one. Required to keep a close watch of whether the anti-slip layer lives to avoid unwanted incidents.