Fix Your Problems with Chin Implant

Implant-supported chin augmentation is an easy and common procedure. Implant-related complications are possible, as with all procedures requiring an implant to achieve the desired result. Implant-related complications include insufficient or over-sizing the implant, infection, shifting, and malposition. Chin implant surgery can solve many issues, such as changing the size or shape or adjusting its position.

Problems with chin implants that are too large or that require complete removal pose a greater problem. The appearance of the chin following the removal of an implant is known as a "witch's-chin" deformity. The enlarged soft tissues under the chin won't shrink and return to their original state after the implant is removed. 

There are many ways to manage the soft tissues and chin affected by implant expansion. If the original chin implant cannot be augmented, but the implant isn't needed, then the bone can be moved forward using an osteoplastic procedure. Forward movement of the bone can serve the same purpose as an implant and will 'reexpand' the soft tissues around the chin. You can also tighten the mentalis muscle from the inside of your mouth. 

Sometimes, it is possible to tighten and lift the sagging tissues of the chin from the inside. This requires special suture bone anchors or screws to be placed in the bone. Then, sutures can be used for the new position of your lifted chin muscle.

Revision of chin implant requires skill and knowledge in performing various chin procedures, including moving the bone or tightening loose chin tissues.