Greenhouse Automation – Indoor Cannabis Facilities

Indoor cannabis growers are looking for automation technology to increase their yields and sales. 

Automating a Cannabis Greenhouse is a Benefit

In the past, automated cannabis growth setup was done indoors. If automation is used to reduce energy costs, greenhouses and warehouses can produce consistent harvests year-round without high power consumption or a large carbon footprint.

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A low carbon footprint is a key goal for legal market operators. It's both cost-saving and responsible. Our indoor gardening control systems have been awarded in the Green Tech Space.

As with all tasks, a greenhouse automation system can help save time and money. A reliable greenhouse equipped with the right sensors and controls is essential for high-quality commercial marijuana production.

There are a few features that can help you grow cannabis depending on which automation process you use when growing it.

Climate Control Systems: A lot of attention is given to automated irrigation, grow lighting, and carbon dioxide for crops. Climate control systems make it easy to manage the greenhouse's automation requirements. Everything is controlled and calculated automatically. All elements can be controlled to achieve the best possible plant growth.

Soil Sensors – You will find systems that include soil sensors. These can also be used with soilless media. These sensors can read temperature and moisture.