Italian Style Black Summer Truffle

The incredibly rich, delectable taste of black truffle salt defines it as one of the most beloved, mouth-watering flavors in the world. Made naturally from Pacific Ocean Sea Salt, a generous laden with Italian black truffle salts and gourmet herbs, this salty treat elevates plain, simple dishes to gastronomically breathtaking masterpieces. Used in baking, cooking, as well as in many international foods, this seasoning has become a staple food for its unmistakable flavor and incomparable health benefits. What's more, its use is not limited to just one area or cuisine. Today, its variety and usage can be found in almost any type of food, especially because of its ability to enhance the taste of any dish.

With this being said, you might wonder how such a simple seasoning can give you so much flavor. To begin with, it boasts of a remarkably rich and creamy flavor that can be further enhanced by simply sprinkling some sea salt on top. Add this with the use of Italian vegetable crops such as broccoli florets or asparagus puree, and you will end up with a dish that will have you asking for more.

If you don't like salty foods so much, another way of enhancing your savory taste buds is by sprinkling this seasoning on your pasta sauce or salad dressings. While the flavor may not be too strong on its own, adding it with a bit of olive oil will help amplify its flavor. You can also try sprinkling it on raw veggies before serving them. In fact, you can even season a slice of thin tomato pizza with olive oil and black truffle sea salt and serve it on its own, with the crust showing through. This will surely be a hit!

When it comes to enjoying truffles in a luxurious manner, nothing beats eating them with their distinctive truffle flavor. To do this, it would be best to add these heavenly delights with a small amount of olive oil, too. You can sprinkle this oil all over the surface of your baked truffled delight, or even sprinkle it all over when cooking. The truffles will stay moist and delicious all the way through, which will make your cooking successful.

As previously mentioned, you can even take these heavenly balls of goodness and bake them to perfection, either together with your pasta sauce or separately. Another way of enjoying this delightful dish is by taking them on top of your steamed rice. For a truly luxurious experience, mash about a cup of cheese along with about two cups of mushrooms. Take the black truffle salt mix and pour it over your rice. Then let the mixture settle and enhance the flavors of both kinds of cheese.

Crumbled bacon is another great ingredient for a savory appetizer recipe. It lends a wonderful crunchy texture to your pasta and is definitely a must in any recipe that calls for sea salt. Another good option is to mix chopped pecans and walnuts together with a bit of water to make a creamy and flavorful dessert. Crumble the mixture over your pasta and sprinkle over a bit of black truffle mix. These nuts are very high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to naturally lower cholesterol.

Black truffle salty snacks are also a popular alternative to candy bars. The crunchy black flavor creates an extremely satisfying flavor, and the fact that they have a very long shelf life means that you are not likely to run out of your snacks in time for any parties. These tasty treats are a welcome departure from the usual chips and dips. The crunchy flavor paired with the slightly bitter flavor of the sea salt creates a unique flavor that no one can resist. With sea salt being such a versatile addition to any recipe, why wouldn't anyone want to add this salty treat to their food on a regular basis?

With Italian summers being more popular than ever, black truffle season is quickly approaching. If you haven't made it yet, you should hurry up and get your Italian-inspired dishes on the table. There really isn't any substitute for this salty and delicious flavor, whether it's served on its own, with tomato sauce, or as a delicious dessert. You will have to try this recipe yourself to see what a difference it makes. You won't regret adding a hint of Italian flavor to your menu.