Why is there Strange Color Coming from the Faucet of my Bathroom?

Coffs Harbour plumber

On a daily basis, we require for drinking, cooking, bathing in order to live and survive. However, the moment we start experiencing strange smell and color coming from the faucet, we start to freak out. Calling a professional plumber would be the best thing to do during such instances. In fact, the plumber is the one who would be the right man to do the job thanks to their experience, skills and knowledge they have. Still wondering as to why the faucet of your bathroom is giving strange color along with bad smell? Here are the reasons.

  1. Due to Living in an Old House – The presence of galvanized steel in older houses leads to the water turning red in color. Moreover, zinc which acts as a protective layer starts to wear off which makes the problems worse.
  2. Due to the Presence of Algae – Presence of algae makes the color turn green when the faucet is turned on. Algae is a microbe which is known to grow on the pipe system. Calling a professional plumber would be your best bet in order to get rid of algae.
  3. Due to the Presence of Copper Pipes – Algae isn’t the only reason that makes the water green coming from the algae. Copper pipes are another reason that leads to this water color which later causes health issues. Again, you should be calling a professional plumber to ensure the copper pipes are changed to a different alternative.

To ensure this problem does not occur, calling a plumber from Coffs Harbour area would be your solution.