The Qualities of a Good Manager

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A manager is an individual who is known to have the skills of being a leader and an example for their subordinates or juniors. It’s the manager’s job to ensure that the employees working under him or her are able to do their jobs on time. The manager also needs to be in constant communication with his or her seniors ensuring the work is delivered to the higher authorities. You too can become a good manager by having these set of qualities.

  1. You Should Appreciate the Work of your Employee – Every employee feels positive and appreciated as long as the manager offers that appreciation. Make sure your teammates are feeling fruitful and happy when they see their efforts not going into waste.
  2. You Should Set the Team for Success – Majority of times the work is not able to complete when the team itself is not set up the right way. It is your duty as a manager to set up the roles and responsibilities to the right employees who will be able to their work in a smoother manner.
  3. You Should Manage the Team with Trust – Trust plays as the most important factor when it comes to getting things done working in a group. As a manager, you should be able to gain the trust of your employees in order to get the work done. After all, no business will run if there is no trust amongst team members working for a project.

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