Everything About The Dental Crown And Different Types Of Dental Crown In Buderim

What is a dental crown? Dental crowns are items made of various materials available to cover dental problems. This coating or shell is molded into the natural tooth to give it an aesthetic appearance. Usually, such a procedure is required when certain teeth are close to caries or in certain cases when teeth are chipped or there are serious deviations in shape or color. 

Dental crowns are usually placed by general dentists and in some cases by cosmetic dentists. If you need a dental crown, there are many types of materials available.  

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Dental Crown Types: Which Material is Best for You?

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For example, the gold crown is fully recommended because of its firm texture that prevents biting and chewing. The only downside to the metal crown is the color of the crown itself, which many find aesthetically unattractive.

Other materials available include porcelain fused to a metal crown. These crowns are recommended for anterior lateral or posterior molars as they are prone to cracking or fracture due to the composite material. 

Metal fused porcelain, or PFM for short, these crowns have the advantage that their base color can match a person’s teeth. Other materials available for dental crowns are resin or all-ceramic crowns. These types of crowns are usually less expensive than metal crowns, but the consistency of the material can be poor and they can crack or break. 

It is a good choice for those who have to meet a certain budget or for those who have allergies to metals. The actual process of obtaining a crown usually involves several visits. The first visit usually involves a general or cosmetic dentist who reshapes your teeth so that they will cover them with a natural feel.