The Echelon Bike Costs Far Less Then The Peloton Indoor Cycling Bike

If you like going for bike rides on the beach to watch the sunset then you definitely should not get a Echelon connect sport or a Peloton indoor cycling bike. You also should not sign up for expensive local boutique cycling classes. However, if you don't care about beautiful scenery or getting some sun on a bike ride and you simply want to focus on the exercise component your bike ride then maybe indoor cycling is for you. Over the past several years the indoor cycling scene has exploded and there are tons of different models and variations of indoor bike rides. The most popular by far is Peloton, however in recent months in years there are many disruptive companies coming out with excellent indoor exercise bikes.

Perhaps one of the greatest indoor exercise bikes that comes in at a low price point is the Echelon Connect Sport. At just under $500 and this Echelon bike offers a tremendous value in terms of getting the benefits of a indoor cycling class at a reasonable price point. While most indoor cycling bikes will cost multiple times as much as an actual bicycle, the Echelon bike actually will allow you to keep a little extra money in your wallet to buy some accessories and maybe even buy a real bicycle to take out doors on the nice days. This article isn't here to convince you that you should ride a bike to lose weight or that indoor cycling is better than outdoor cycling, it's simply to share some information about what kind of indoor cycling bikes are available on the market today and whether or not it's actually worth it to buy a $2,000 stationary bicycle. If you'd like to learn more about the Echelon bike you can watch the review from TailHappyTV about the Echelon Connect Sport, which is a particular offering from Walmart exclusively.