Executive Leadership Coaching: How to Be Your Own Executive Coach

Recently, you were promoted or hired to a more responsible position. Congratulations! You have a greater staff across multiple functional areas and a higher profile in the company. Maybe you're a new leader in a business unit. You have previously led teams in just two or three areas (sales and marketing, business development). 

Your new role covers all functional areas, i.e. Finance, R&D, and operations are all areas that you have little experience leading. You can find the best administrative management training if you want to work effectively in all these areas.

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This level of responsibility is overwhelming for you and you realize that your past leadership methods are no longer applicable. You are not equipped or skilled enough to handle the demands of this more challenging and fast-moving role. You mustn't stumble in your onboarding phase.

Learn new leadership skills and become your own executive coach 

You need to recognize that you require a new approach. It is not possible to deal with all issues or questions in one area. Strengthen and develop new leadership skills, including influencing, diplomacy, and building alliances. 

Your ability to influence, not dictate how things should be done, will become more important. All of your peers, as well as direct reports, and/or board members, will have strong personalities and a polished level of negotiation skills.