Steps Involved In Brow Shaping And Tinting

Gone are the days when there were only threading eyebrows. HD Brow Treatment is one of the eyebrow treatments that’s gaining quite a pace these days.

This particular beauty treatment involves a combination of techniques, including tinting, waxing, and threading. Only specialist HD Brows products are being used for this particular eyebrow treatment. You can visit to schedule an appointment for brow shape & tint.

In HD Brows Treatment your eyebrows get perfectly transformed into well-shaped and dramatic ones which will eventually enhance your facial features. This beauty service, or eyebrow treatment like threading eyebrows, is available for both men and women.

The Seven Steps to an HD Eyebrow

  1. Consultation– Before starting off with the HD Brow Treatment, firstly consult with your stylist. It is important that you decide on which brow shape will best suit your face.
  2. Tinting– In case you have thin or over-plucked brows, the consultant will tint your brows matching your hair or natural color.
  3. Waxing–  The beauty expert or consultant uses specially made wax to ensure your skin doesn’t get pulled off or hurt. This particular step is taken to make the arch of your brow.
  4. Trimming– After waxing, your brows get thoroughly combed and trimmed, to tame them and keep them off the same length.
  5. Threading– Threading is particularly done to blend the treated eyebrow hair and give them the natural look.
  6. Tweezing– Maybe the most painful step, but if your bear with it patiently, the outcome is just fabulous.

It is important that you get proper knowledge of how to care for your new brows and fill up any sparse areas with the HD brow kit.