Aquarium Lighting – How Much Is Just Right?

Lighting is one of the most neglected aspects of aquarium maintenance. Many inexperienced aquarium owners make the mistake of using too much or too little light, and some even ignore lighting altogether.

Aquarium lighting is always important, it not only makes your aquarium more attractive but also helps keep your fish healthy in many ways. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. You can also buy kessil a160we kessil lights via

1) The right amount of aquarium lighting reproduces lighting in the fish's natural habitat. In most cases, 12 hours of light per day is a good balance as there are about 12 hours of good sunlight in most parts of the world. The closer you get to the way nature-designed fish respond to light, the healthier and happier your fish will be.

2) Be careful with natural light. Some aquarium owners place their aquarium near a window where natural light covers most of their lighting needs. The problem with natural light is that it stimulates algae growth and direct sunlight can harm fish and raise water temperatures to dangerous levels.

3) Fluorescent lamps work well than incandescent or halogen lamps. Fluorescent lamps are the closest to natural light, and fish are usually more comfortable in the shade. Light blue lights are perfect for reef aquariums because they reproduce the color of water under 20 to 30 feet of water.

The right type and amount of light always depend on the size and shape of your tank, the type and number of fish you have, and whether you use live plants in it. As with anything else, it is best to do part of your homework before setting up your first aquarium.