Solutions To The Problem Of Leaking Faucet

At home, it is not uncommon to see a dripping tap from time to time, but it can become annoying and can make some headaches because of the cost when we want to fix this problem.

But it is wiser to spend penny earlier than pound later by getting the services of the professional plumber. You can hire an expert plumber in order to get fixed your leaky kitchen faucet base system via

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Following are the steps a plumber takes to fix leaky kitchen faucet base

Before plumbers start repairing the leaky faucet, they turn off the main power of the water. Then open the taps to drain the water contained in the pipes. Then close the plug.

A plug is the small room in the middle of the basin, it is used to stop a sink or bathtub.

And then plumbers remove the head and change the seal, after this they follow the following steps:

-Unscrew the pellet head if it has one.

-Then they insert a slide to the blow being careful not to damage the cap and the head of the valve if it is not unscrewed.

-Unscrew the screw head to remove it then.

-Give some small strokes on the handle and the head of the screw, if the screw resists unscrewing it.

-Remove the bolt that holds the seal and remove the seal. Regarding the joint, it is best to start by disassembling the valve seal to know its size and be able to buy a similar one.

-It may be solid or pierced. Moreover, during handling, it is good to place a cloth over the sink to prevent damage to the tools used for this work.

After all these steps the plumber will be done with the repairing work of the leaky faucet.