Natural Nail Care Tips And Remedies

Nails are a crucial part of our hands, therefore the proper care of our nails is essential. Nails that are clean and healthy are not just beautiful on our hands, but they also help stop many health issues caused by bacteria and germs.

Fragile nails are a common issue that is mostly caused by iron deficiency. Iron should be consumed in adequate amounts. You can get the best nail care tips via

The most iron-rich foods are liver and lean red meats, seafood beans, soy lentils, whole grains, spinach turnip-collard greens, tofu vegetables as well as asparagus watercress, parsley turkey and chicken and turkey, nuts, blackstrap-molasses egg yolks, dry fruit like dates, prunes, raisins, and Apricots.

There are many other homemade remedies and helpful tips to take care of your nails. In this post, we'll look at some easy natural nail care tips and solutions.

1. Put one teaspoon of lemon juice into the water in a cup and soak your nails for several minutes. Then wash them using warm water. Apply a lotion. This is a great technique to eliminate stains from your nails.

2. Another helpful tip for nail care is to massage them using cotton that has been dipped in lemon juice. Wash them in a couple of minutes. If you use this method your nails will grow solid and shiny.

3. Olive oil is among the most commonly used home remedies for a variety of beauty suggestions. To keep your nails looking beautiful and shiny, daily applying olive oil can be very beneficial.

4. Beetroots are high in Vitamin D and calcium. A daily intake of beetroots can make your nails gorgeous. You can also include other calcium-rich food items like milk.

So, these are some homemade remedies and helpful tips to take care of your nails.