Picking And Packing Methods

Pick and pack is the process of choosing the orders of customers and placing them in the shipping box. This eliminates the need to repackage the items to ship, making packing easier. The majority of the time, pick and pack is utilized by online retailers to deliver small orders.

A Pick & Pack company is a cost-efficient method of shipping and warehousing for orders that are more complex. Occasionally, an order may involve picking items from one or more locations to be combined and packed for shipment together. You can also contact shiphype.com/pack-and-pack-service/ to opt services for pick and pack in Toronto.

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Here are some standard pick and pack methods that many eCommerce companies: 

1. Piece picking

In piece picking, you take the packing slip for a single order. You move around the warehouse, picking the items for the order off the shelves. Once you have everything you need, you take the order to the packing station for packing. 

If your business is small, you might have only a few orders a day. In this case, piece picking may be the easiest pick and pack method to use.

2. Batch picking

Batch picking works well if you have enough orders to organize them into batches. Each batch of orders is for items that are in the same area of the warehouse. 

The goal of batch picking is to give pickers the most efficient path through the warehouse. If you need one SKU for several orders, it makes sense to pick those orders together. That will save time walking back and forth. Your orders will go out faster.