Tips For Controlling LED Strip Lights In Australia

LED strip lamps or lights are highly popular for home accents and decorative lighting because of their ultra-high versatility, easy setup, and assorted colors.

Many sorts of led strip lights in Australia controllers for them can be found in the current market, among which control is a new and fantastic choice as a result of their wireless connection and long control space.

RF LED strip control is made up of a signal sender that transmits radio frequency and a receiver that receives the signal and outputs PWM dimming signal to the attached lamps. It's wireless between the sender and the receiver, and the controller space can be up to 30 meters.

The output ends of the receiver shall be wired using the LED lights, and as you will need to control a single color LED, a minimum 1 station output signal from the receiver is necessary.

When dual-color LEDs are controlled, you need to pick a receiver with a minimum of two channels output. Likewise, 3 channels for RGB and 4 stations for RGB+W.

Ordinarily, an RF receiver with 4 channel outputs may be compatible with a single color, double color, RGB, and RGB+W LEDs. Using a high PWM frequency output signal, the LED strip control is ideal to control the lights with smooth brightness adjustment, color temperature adjustment, and RGB color tone adjustment with no flickering.

Currently, from the current market, there are various radio frequencies for the receiver, by way of instance, 434MHz, 868MHz or 2.4GHz, they all have their advantages and disadvantages, and different states may require unique frequencies.