What’s Sex Therapy? Info for Singles and Couples

One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked by clients and friends is what exactly is the term “sex therapy”?

The curious minds are eager to learn! If you’re curious, keep reading…

Here’s the deal:

1. A treatment technique that assists people in need of assistance with their sexual functioning.

2. An internationally recognized profession that is known for its effective treatment. You can search for a professional that provides sex therapy and psychosexual therapy and help learn how mind & body works.

3. The aim is to ease the symptoms that cause a person or couple to feel anxious and to enhance overall satisfaction and performance.

4. In most cases, counseling is coupled with prescribed activities assigned as homework to help with intimacy issues. It can be fun to do the homework!

How can you locate an accredited therapist?

1. Find a person who is an accredited mental health professional that is an expert in this field.

2. Make sure you interview the person you are interviewing.

3. You must be at ease and comfortable with this person. Be yourself. Check how you feel on the phone while talking to the person.

The process is usually temporary, based on the severity of the issue. Many people find it to be an enjoyable experience to discuss their issues, and feel relieved to receive assistance and overcome their issues to enjoy a more pleasant healthy relationship!